Travel Pay (0.41 cents a mile to and from VA appointments and more) 

Here's one of many you all need know.   in 2007 I had 204 appointments at Mather Field,  Which is the VA hospital in Sacramento.  I traveled 18 miles one way from Midtown Sacramento to Mather field.   I was driving a 1999 Jeep Wrangler at the time, which got 11 miles a gallon.    The VA pays $ 0.415 a mile.   Which I was not aware of.   Do the Math.  42 cent a mile times 36 times 204 appointments.  $15.12 every visit.   Times 204 equals $3084.48,  God I wish someone would have told me about this.   There are hundreds of hidden secrets which are all word of mouth.   Please refer my easy website name to all your buddies.   Click below for a link to travel pay.