Meetings are held every Monday and Thursday evening from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Including all holidays.  On Monday we typically have a large group of (about 80) and break into one group for family & friends (room 2011), And two or three groups for Mental Health consumers. i.e. People with mental health diagnosis.  On thursday's we have a smaller group (about 10-40) and we meet in Rooms 2436 and 2438,  There is not a designated friends and family on thursday's, so friends and family just join the consumers groups.   We also have at least one support groups on days we have a guest Speaker.  

Meeting Guidelines

Please note the DBSA San Diego support group meeting guidelines, which are designed for the safety and protection of all participants in the support group. Note also that, although we are guests of the VA Hospital, DBSA San Diego is not affiliated with the Hospital, the VA, or the military, and our meetings are not restricted to veterans or any other group.

Regarding Student Observers

Monday and Thursday meetings at DBSA San Diego are also open to students in relevant fields (medicine, psychology, nursing, sociology, human development, etc.) provided the consumers present at the time don't object. Students may participate the same as anyone else in attendance. We allow a maximum of four (non-consumer) students per night in our meetings. Please email us at (formerly at least two days prior to the meeting to let us know if you are interested in attending, and fill out and return the student questionnaire after attending. 

DBSA El Cajon and DBSA Rancho Bernardo also allow student visitors at their meetings, and the method of reservation is as described above. (Of course, you need to specify which meeting you're interested in attending.) None of the other DBSA chapters in San Diego County permit student visitors.

VA San Diego Medical Center Second Floor 

3350 La Jolla Village Drive 

San Diego, California 92161

Twice-Weekly Support group meetings-- every Monday and Thursday of the year--- Are the primary activity of the San Diego Chapter of DBSA.  There are other locations around town.  Monday at the VA hospital is the best overall group in San Diego.  

Take interstate 5 to La Jolla Village Drive exit.  Drive west (on la Jolla Village Drive)  And turn right at the second stoplight,onto Villa La Jolla Drive.  Go up the hill and turn right at the first stoplight, then make the next right turn into the lot just south of the VA Hospital and park there (its free Parking) 

Enter the front of the building, continue walking straight, to you get to the elevators, go to the second floor, and proceed to Room 2011 (on Mondays) or Room 2436 or 2438 (on Thursdays)   Either way if your lost when you get out of the elevator just look for anyone,  Theres always DBSA people standing around.  Just tell them your here for the DBSA meeting.  

Meeting Time and Organization 

Support Group Meetings 


Driving Directions