To sign-up for Space-A travel, please mail or email your information to the AMC Passenger Terminal at your desired departure location. Email addresses for each AMC Terminalare located in the AMC TRAVEL CONTACTS or visit their Facebook Page (the links to all passenger terminal Facebook pages are on the right side of your screen). For your convenience, please reference our Space-A Sign-up Information Document and the AMC Form 140, Space-A Travel Request. 

Space-A Travel For Active Duty Members: Active Duty members may travel Space-A in Category-3 along with their dependents while on Leave. The Active Duty Sponsor must be in a valid leave status and within the dates on an approved leave form. It is the members responsibility to ensure documentation presented to AMC Passenger Service Agents represent accurate leave information when signing up for Space-A travel.

Space A on USCG Transportation   (mac flights)