DISABLED VETERANS'  Property Tax EXEMPTION INCREASES FOR 2018 For 100% SC Disability in San Diego County Forms


The link above shows what the 2018 exemptions are,  It also shows he low income exemption to the right of the 100% disabled exemption. So for most of us we can get our 100% VA disability and still get our SSDI payment and still qualify  

for the max exemption of  $202,060 off of our property tax.   

i.e If you purchased your home for under $126,380 you won't have to pay any property tax.  Or your a low income 100% disabled veteran and your purchase price was under $202,60 you are exempt,  But for most of us in San Diego County you can't find anything under these exemptions so you will have to fill out the forms and pay the difference.   Listed below are the forms you need to send in.   If your buying a house you have to wait 45 days after the time of purchase to mail these forms in.   The exemptions will not take effect until the bi-anually property tax due dates.   However your lender should give you a refund of what you paid in.   Contact me if you have any questions.

4 Forms you need to fill out.

AS-EX-2B (11/14)       https://arcc.sdcounty.ca.gov/Documents/ASEX2BDVETINC.pdf

BOG-261-G (P1-P4)REV 23     https://arcc.sdcounty.ca.gov/Documents/261GDVETCLAIM.pdf

Actual award Letter from the VA Indicating 100% Service Connected (a real one, not one from ebenefits, If you 
don't have the original or a copy, either call 1800-827-1000 and ask for another one or the enrollment area on the first
floor of the VA hospital La Jolla can order you one,  But remember it will take about 2-3 weeks before you get it. 

Copy of Veterans DD214 stating a honorable discharge