eBenefits (best site ever) 


Truthfully this is one of the best websites the VA has put together!  This website does so much for you,  Lets discuss starting a claim for disability compensation to begin with.   This allows you to do the same thing as walking into the DAV, VFW, Wounded Warriors or any other of the local Veteran Advocates who are already super swamped with other veterans and other veteran claims.  This gives you a timeline of where your claim is from start to finish.   So there is no more calling into the VA to check the status of your claim,   It's very easy to use,  you can also upload a PDF of supporting evidence.(if you don't know how to do this you take your paperwork to staples, UPS, or Office depot and have it scanned in and create a PDF)  I love this site.  

    Other things you can do with this site are Add or remove defendants, Check on VA health care, Apply for educational Benefits, Pension Benefits, Apply for VR&E Vocational Rehabilitation,  Set up direct deposit,  Check VA pension payment history, Certificate of Eligibility for home loan.   Share your VA medical records, and so much more.    (I will say this after your award letter comes back, this site does not allow you to ask for a RE-Consideration, which takes up to 60 days instead of doing another RE-evaluation.  Please if you were low balled on your first award letter, contact me via the contact us page of this website and I can give you advice.   I can not stress enough after your first award letter as for a RE-Consideration.   You have to do this via a Veteran Advocate firm)  maybe in the future they will add this function. 

​Below is a screen capture of benefits this website offers.   One I use all the time is to reprint my award letter.  Instead of waiting 2-3 weeks for it via the via or 800 number.  Above is the link to register.   Please register this site is very well put together to save you so much time.