Disabled Veteran Handicap License plates 

Medical Statement for Service-Connected Disabled Veteran form (REV. 5/09 or later) from the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA) signed by a CDVA physician, surgeon, opthalmologist, or chiropractor certifying that the veteran has a service-connected: disability which has been rated as 100% disabled due to a diagnosed disease or disorder which substantially impairs or interferes with mobility, or disability that limits movement without the aid of an assistive device, or loss of or loss of the use of one or more limbs, or permanent blindness as defined in Section 19153 of the Welfare & Institutions Code.

The best part of these Plates is your allowed to park in Green for as long as you need,  Plus there is Zero charge for these plates a year,  The state of California pays for the registration.  And you can park in metered parking for free.

There is two ways to obtain these plates,  I would strongly recommend clicking on the link below and having your physician signing off on the printed application and going into the dreaded California DMV, this way your receive your plates a lot faster then the second option is to call the 1-800-827-1000 number and having the VA do it for you. There is great debate about 100% service connected veterans getting these plates just for being 100% SC.   

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Here is the link to print out the form and have your physician sign off for you.