DBSA    (Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance)

I attend a group at the VA twice a week called DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance)  Even though it is not a Veteran's Group, their are Veterans and Civilians.   I encourage anyone who is suffering from Depression, Anxiety,PTSD, Bipolar or any other stress related symptoms.  It was founded by a Veterans Affairs doctor.   It has helped me come out of my shell.   It is 100% free,  Even though we do accept donations,   I will be working more in the next week weeks to improve this page.   Monday nights at 6pm we have the largest show up.  on Mondays nights we have user groups and a friends and family group.   For more information right now, Please refer to the following site.  

Please if you have any questions about this group please click on the contact us page and send me a email, or call me.    I can't begin to tell you how much it has helped me and aided in genuine friends who actually care and support my problems.   I encourage you to come to at least one meeting.   For more information click on the link below.  


For directions or room number click on this link:


(Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance)