California residents that are qualified disabled war veterans, former prisoners of war or recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor are eligible to receive a Distinguished Veteran Pass, which entitles the holder to the use of all
basic State Park System operated facilities, at no further charge. No fee is required to obtain this pass.
To qualify for the pass, all applicants (veterans) must provide proof of the following as specified in Section B: • Honorable discharge from service, and

• California residency, and
• One of the eligibility criteria below (attachments required, see Section B-4 for details) .

– DISABLED WAR VETERAN: Proof of service in the United States military during wartime and a service-connected disability that has an overall / combined rating by the Veteran's Affairs combined rating table at 50% or greater.

– PRISONER OF WAR: Proof of being held captive as a prisoner of war.

– CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT: Proof of being a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Note that all certification material will be retained by California State Parks and cannot be returned.

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State of California Parks & Recreation Distinguished Veteran Pass