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Please pay special attention to the following!!!!   Things a Fellow Veteran would strongly Recommend.

1)  TAP Class,  You are allowed to take this Course twice.  So I would recommend Taking it a Year out, as well as six months prior again.   DO NOT SKATE OUT OF THIS COURSE!!!!   This course will teach you so much.  If you plan on staying in the San Diego area,  Compensation and Pension Evaluations are taking between 12-18 months.  Even though President Obama has stated that this isn't the case.  San Diego is so back logged with C&P Comp and Pension request they are now being sent to another city in the country to be worked on.   

2)  The most IMPORTANT thing I would tell you to do is go down to medical and check out your medical record, a year out and take it to Staples or Office Depot and pay $20-30 Dollars to have it copied.  The military for some strange reason likes to pull out vital records out of your medical record.  So when you file a Disability Claim 6-12 months prior to getting out, you have a copy of what may or may not have been taken out.   Just heads up.  

3)  When you get out.  Make a dozen copies of your DD214.  If your Loose it click here.

4)  If by chance you are discharged with a (OTH) Other than honorable Discharge.  There is a way to covert your discharge code to OTH under General or Honorable conditions, So down the road you can eventually get VA benefits.  

Here is a link to have your Discharge Code changed.

If you ever want this changed,  My recommendations is to get over your drug issues and DO NOT GET ARRESTED.

5)  If by chance you do not make a copy of your medical Records here is a link so that you can retrieve them.  But beware 

Like I said earlier some important pages could be missing. Click here  

6)  If by chance you pay attention in TAP class and file a VA Claim lets say 6 months before you exit the military.  And your first VA award letter comes back 15-100%  Disabled Please look into Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation prior to using your Gi Bill.  Save your GI bill for your Masters Program.  

7)  If you plan on attending College or A trade school after the military.   Please get your Military Transcripts and ACE Credit Recommendations.  This will save you a ton of time in College.  (Once again they teach you this in TAP) 

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