Starting your VA Compensation Claim  Online or Hand Written forms Below. 

For those Veterans who don't have computer access,  A friend or Family Member can print the following Link which is Form 21-526 Application for VA Compensation or Pension.   However I Strongly Strongly Recommend going to this link below and starting a VA Claim.   There are numerous ways you can start your claim.  But this link is the easiest    ​

This site is just so much easier to fill out online and they give you the status of where your claim is in the process.   If you need to do it by hand the long way or don't have a computer or aren't computer savvy click on this link and print form 21-256

I would strongly recommend either visiting ANY VSO Veteran Service Officer at any of the hundreds of Veteran Non Profits before doing it by hand.   Doing it online, there is a paper trail.  And no one can say we didn't get it.   If you can not do it online, then go to your local VFW, American Legion or WWP and ask them to help you,  It won't cost you a dime.