In the coming months I will be comprising a list of discounts active duty and Veterans with either a retired military ID or a CAC card or a Veterans Administration ID card. Please click on MIL & VET Discounts tab above. 

My Mission

​After you start your claim.  Certain things you need to know,  Such as the first time you file, most likely you will be low-balled on the first award.   However I will tell you, whoever you started your claim with i.e., DAV,WWP,American Legion, etc.  Go back to them and have them ask for a re-consideration.   A re-consideration takes 60 days and typically boost your rating 10-25%, a re-evalution takes another 12-18 months.  So ask your Veteran Advocate for a re-consideration no matter what award percentage you receive.   For those who are severely disabled their is a list of what the VA calls SMC (Special Monthly Compensation).  Even if you are awarded 100% Service Connected the first time,  Please look into SMC's.  Most of the time the VA will not tell you about these​

I am 100% Service Connected Disabled via the Military.   I have been adding and helping veterans everyday.  No matter what the issue is contact me for advice on the contact us (mark) page.  I am filled with VA compensation advice and SSDI advice.  

Active Duty and Veteran Discounts

Post Award Veterans 

For a Better understanding of SMC (Special Monthly Compensations click here or click on the link below.