Disabled Veteran Sport Fishing and Hunting Licenses – Fee $7.56

Reduced-fee licenses are available for any honorably discharged veteran of the US Armed Forces with a service–connected disability rating of 50% or greater.

To prequalify to purchase a disabled veteran license, submit a letter from the Veteran’s Administration documenting that you were honorably discharged from the US military and have a service–connected disability rating of 50% or greater. After your eligibility has been verified, your customer record will be updated. Once you receive notification from the Department that your customer record has been updated, you will be able to purchase a low cost disabled veteran sport fishing license and/or hunting license anywhere licenses are sold.

The first time you apply for this discount licenses you have to apply in a local Office.  After that you can renew in November in walmart or your local permit office.  Address is listed below.  

The easiest way to get your Discount Sport Fishing and or Hunting Licenses in San Diego is go to the address listed below and Bring the front copy of your VA award letter.  If you have misplaced your award letter you can print a version from https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/about/feature?feature=va-letters.  You have to have a VA_ebenefits account.     I have done a map on the bottom of the page to show you where the Department of Fish and Game is located in San Diego.   I also believe if your children are under the age of 14 they fish for free.   

I have finally found something which may work for me and maybe your situation.  Veterans with service connected disabilities. Persons assisting members of the group are exempt from having to possess a valid California sport fishing license only while assisting disabled persons fishing under the authority of this permit. Please read eligibility instructions on reverse. Complete and return all copies of this ...

Only Problem with this is that the application references Dates,  I have emailed a question into the Department of Fish and Game.  As soon as I get a reply I will edit this post.    

Reduced-Fee Sport Fishing Licenses 

Disabled Veteran Fishing Partner 

The local San Diego Office address is listed below.   Just click on the Map and you can either do directions or see where it is.  

3883 Ruffin Road San Diego CA 92123